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2006 Photo Gallery
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Call #2006-07
The call is made of Figured Black Walnut with a claro walnut stand. - The bloodwood toneboard is a Hays/Dester style. The call features two mallards flying over a river feeding into a lake with grass, trees & a small cabin along the shoreline. The stopper has a band of carved fish scale.

Call #2006-02
To show the beauty of the wood on this call, carving was kept to a minimum. A basket weave band is carved around the bottom of the barrel and around the top of the stopper. Around the top of the barrel and the top of the stopper you will find a row of carved acorns. The call is presented in a rustic box made out of Arizona desert iron wood. The wood is Desert Ironwood.

Call #2006-03
The call has a wood duck in flight with deep relief scroll work around the barrel and the top of the barrel. The stopper has three fish scale carved areas with scrolls around the fish scale.The wood is Butternut (White Walnut).

Call #2006-04
The bald eagle is looking for dinner and his target is a couple of mallards. Cattails along the shore line and pine trees in the background finnish the scene. The top of the barrel has carved acorns and the stopper has three oak leaf outlines filled with fish scale. The wood is Maple Burl.

Call #2006-05
This call features a Mallard in flight over a river with grass & pine trees along the rivers edge. A mountain range in the background finished the scene. A band of fish scale is carved around the end of the stopper. The wood is Figured Black Walnut.

Call #2006-09
This call won 1st place in the CCAA Fancy Call Contest Open Division, 04/27/07. The call has three ovals filled with fish scale around the barrel. A band of basket weave is carved around the end of the stopper. The fish scale and basket weave are covered with 22karat gold leaf. The wood is Desert Ironwood.

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