Quackcalls - Quality Hand Crafted & Hand Carved Duck Calls

Quackcalls started making fancy carved calls in late 2000. The first calls were introduced at the Callmakers & Collectors Association contest in St Charles, IL in April 2001. Since that introduction, Quackcalls Carved calls have won several national awards, including NWTF Best of Show 3 times and CCAA Best of Show 3 times.

Quackcalls were the first carved calls to feature fish scale and basket weave carvings.

The only calls that are for sale are the ones displayed on the "Calls For Sale" page.

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Jim Dester

The Original "Signature Collectors" Series features a new design every year with the fish scale and basket weave carved pattern incorporated into the overall carving design.

The "Signature" Series of calls will also have my signature on every call. The number of "Signature Collector" Series made per year will be limited. The calls are identified with the year made and call number carved on the call, starting with number 01 at the begining of each year.

After ten years, this series of calls have come to an end. I will no longer be creating a different design for each year. I will continue to make calls when the urge to do so grabs me and the design may be anything.

2001 Design

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