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2009 Photo Gallery
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Call #2009-02
This Bastogne Walnut call has oak limbs, leaves and acorns around the barrel. The stopper has two oak leaves filled with the basket weave carving.

Call #2009-04
This call won 2nd place in the NWTF decorative carved category. The call made out of figured walnut features a large tree along the shore of a river with two wood ducks taking flight from the river. The far grassy shore has additional trees and shrubs. The stopper is carved with a band of fish scale. It has a bloodwood toneboard.

Call #2009-05
Iron wood call with two Pintails coming in for a landing in a swampy wetland with trees and a stump in the water. The top of the barrel is lightly stippled. The stopper has a band of carved basket weave with acorn clusters below the basket weave. The top of the stopper is lightly stippled

Call #2009-09
Duck-Goose Set

Goose call made out of Figured Cherry. A Canada goose standing on a shore line of a small stream running through a grassy field. Around the goose and wrapped around the barrel are oak branches, leaves and acorns. The stopper has two ovals filled with carved basket weave. The top of the stopper is lightly stippled.


Call #2009-10
Duck call made out of Bastogne Walnut. Two carved pintails coming in over a stream with tall grass on the far side and Montana mountains in the background. The stopper has a band of carved basket weave. The bloodwood toneboard is a Hays/Dester style, hand made by Jim Dester.

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